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John milton manages all type of events in Chennai

about john milton

I started my career before 20 years as an interior decorator,moved a web designer and now a prolific art director.Because of my ardent love of arts and entertainment ,i carry myself in this field. I think there is no doubt that we have gone beyond the shores of entertainment to a greater extent, in fact, than I had expected and in a shorter period of time. As a pioneer in the field ,we are looking forward to be the numero uno in the field of art and entertainment . We had set ourselves certain goals, chief among which was to go global not just to increase our turnover but also to go to places where we could create a meaningful presence, where we, as the planners, would participate in the development of the industry. We have endeavoured to play that role in places such as Art direction, event and wedding planning.


A highly accomplished individual with multi talented capabilities who posses highly technical ability in the field of art and creativity

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Over the next few years, we will have to start looking seriously and strategically at creating brand awareness for ourselves in new geographies, and at how we are going to grow our businesses strategically in these fields.

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